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'POI' Boss Teases Root/Shaw Relationship

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是執行製作Greg Plageman針對一些來信的回答

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Q:     Root clearly has Shaw on her mind in the first few episodes. How would you define the attraction between them? 

Q:     Root在前幾集中顯然相當掛心Shaw,你如何定義她們之間的吸引力?

A:     What did Robert Smith once say?  They move like Cajun tigers, those love cats.  Always trying to suss out who’s predator and who’s prey.  It fuels the tension between them, though Root is a bit more rambunctious in her play.  

        She enjoys getting Shaw all revved up.  I think Root is attracted to Shaw on a physical level but it goes much deeper than that.  Root had a pretty dim view of humanity before she met Shaw, she thought we were all just bad code.  Her first true love was The Machine.  But now I think Root sees her as another strong, solitary figure in search of human connection, even if Shaw is loathe to admit it.

A:    Robert Smith說過什麼?她們的行為像印地安虎,那些可愛的貓科動物,永遠都在分辨誰是獵食者、誰是獵物,這升高她們之間的緊張關係,儘管現在的Root更粗暴了點。

  她樂於挑動、刺激Shaw。我想Shaw一開始是在生理(*)層面上吸引Root,但它隨後成為比之更加深層的關係。Root在遇到Shaw之前對人類的看法相當悲觀,她認為我們不過是錯誤代碼。她第一個真愛是The Machine(*......)。而現在我想Root認為Shaw是另一個強大卻孤單地在尋求與人類連結的身影(*),即使Shaw厭惡承認這一點。

        Shaw is still grappling with the very idea of feeling anything towards another human being — up to now she’s only enjoyed the company of dogs like Bear.  But it was pretty clear when Shaw was confronted with the possible loss of Root in the episode “If-Then-Else” that it hit Shaw like a ton of bricks. 

        I think Shaw almost feels blindsided by her strong feelings for Root, as if she wasn’t aware how powerful they had become.  Root kinda snuck up on her.        



Q:    When you started creating an emotional connection for Root and Shaw prior to this season, how did you think audiences would respond. 

Q:    當你們在這季開始前創造Root與Shaw之間的感情戲時,認為觀眾會有什麼反應?

A:    We honestly didn’t really think about it all that much.  Their first scene together was just a revelation of physical chemistry, more so than any other relationship on the show.  So we just went with it.  The personality of their characters couldn’t be more different, which proved irresistible.

        Root just drove Shaw crazy, and that just fueled the sexual tension between them.  

A:    老實說我們沒有想太多,她們同演的第一場戲就出乎意料地產生化學反應,比劇中的任何其他關係都要龐大,所以我們就這樣走下去了。他們的角色在人格特質上簡直無法再有更多相異之處,更證明了這是無法抗拒的(*)。


Q:    Sarah told me at NYCC last fall that Shaw’s reappearance is a big one (and it is!) but will audiences see a different Shaw after what she’s gone through?

Q:    Sarah在去年秋天的NYCC告訴我Shaw的回歸將會是件大事(它的確是!)觀眾會在Shaw經歷了那些事之後看見一個截然不同的她嗎?

A:    You really want me to give that away?  Let’s just say Shaw’s been put through the ringer by Samaritan.  How could she possibly be the same?  I think what’s really endearing is that Root has never lost faith in Shaw’s return, or that they’ll be together again.  We’ll see.

A:    你真的想要我暴雷嗎?那就來說說Shaw已經被Samaritan慘烈折磨、絞榨殆盡過一番(*)這事吧。她怎麼可能還跟之前一樣?我想最可愛的是Root對Shaw的回歸從未失去信心,或許她們會再在一起,等著看吧。

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*7:through the ringer=through the wringer,Wringer是過去一種將衣物脫水的器具,有興趣的可以查一下圖片,把人放到裡頭"脫水"毫無疑問會是非常慘烈的 冏。



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